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Wearing the dual hats of race-
winning driver and podium
interviewee, Johnny Mowlem
waxes eloquent about the
victory he and David Murry
(in red hat) captured for
Reiser Callas.
Laguna Seca

They did it again. Not only did Reiser Callas' 02 car with David Murry and Johnny Mowlem co-driving stomp the GT competition, but, in a finish that mirrored their success at Mid Ohio, the 03 car driven by Joel Reiser, Grady Willingham and Craig Stanton managed to bring home another fourth place.

This puts Reiser Callas firmly in third spot in the GT class for the conclusion of the ALMS season.

Team Team hangs over pit
wall to greet the victor.

    It should be remembered that 02 and 03 are now a generation older than their main GT rivals. But the combination of accumulated knowledge about setting up the cars, of flawless crew work in the pits and of sheer driving prowess, overcame any advantage the newer cars had.

David Murry: "It's always been a Porsche track, and the longer we ran, the more our tires came around. I must say I really enjoyed taking Dirk (Mueller). It was really nice to come down him, throw it inside him and pass him, come onto the front straight knowing he'd try to come back and I just moved over and blocked him. That felt good."

Johnny Mowlem: "I'm really pleased. Everyone did a fantastic job. It's nice to get here and see David on the pace, so I thought maybe I could get on the pace too. David drove brilliantly today. You guys have some awesome tracks over here. We've got Spa in Belgium and Eau Rouge, but you have some of the best anywhere in the world. I must say one thing you don't have quite enough of is runoff area, which I tend to need."

Even Reiser Callas' main Porsche competition gave the team "qualified" praise. Said Cort Wagner, driver of the #23 GT Porsche 911 GT3 R, "The race was great. Hands down, the 02 car had us. Johnny Mowlem and David Murry did a phenomenal job. Our car was great. It was a little hot. The radiator filled with grass from cars going off in front of us and narrow tires (sic). The older car definitely had an advantage under braking and it showed, which is why we finished second."

By the way, Johnny set a new lap record for GT cars: 1:29.652

02 & 03 Both 03 and 02 wind their way down the famous "Corkscrew" to a celebration where those of a different kind will be needed.

Quotes courtesy of ALMS.
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