Built in '98, #02 is the team's lead car. #03, the development car, was built in '96. Both have been extensively modified since they left the factory and the changes continue. For the '99 season, emphasis has been on the two RSRs. But waiting in the wings is one very well-known Porsche GT1. See below.
3.8 RSR specs:

6 cylinder flat
3746 cc, 350 hp
Twin ignition
Bosch Motronic MP 2.1
Fuel 98 ROZ Super Plus lead free


6-speed manual gearbox
Rear-wheel drive
Single mass flywheel with racing clutch

Secrets within.


Based on 911 (993) Carrera
Plastic rear wing
Fiberglass reinforced front spoiler
Welded-in rollcage
Momo steering wheel


McPherson struts front
Front and rear height adjustable struts
Pirelli tires -- front, 245/645- 18, rear, 285/645-18 rain tires
Power steering
Front dome cross bar

Braking System:

ABS braking system modified for racing purposes
This season, the energies of Reiser Callas Rennsport have been focused primarily on the GT class. There are, however, selected venues where the GT1 may be run. Check the Race page for further information