Reiser and Callas Home  

(L to R) Manny Martinez, Glynn Green, Doug McDaniel, Art Arrendondo, Ray Canales, Bill Raifsnyder, Mike Callas, Tony Callas, Colin Beard, Harry Haggard, Terry Friesen.

Front: Patti Green, Grady Willingham, Joel Reiser, David Murry, Craig Stanton, JoAnne Trinkle.

Not shown: Warren Evans, Luke Sagur, Johnny Mowlem, Michael Ligonnet.
and Friends
Bruce Anderson, Alwin Springer, Jack Criswell

JoAnne is known as Mother Superior, which is an appropriate title and one she says she can get away with because she's been steeped in Parochial school.

She is actually the Manager of Callas Rennsport (Tony Callas' independent Porsche and BMW shop) and Team Operations Manager of Reiser Callas Rennsport. She loves her present role and counts it as one of her lifetime accomplishments, even beating her victory in the Miss Croatia of Los Angeles contest some years back. The tiara doesn't quite go with a Nomex suit, but it still means a lot.

Formerly on the board of directors of the Grand Prix Region of the Porsche Club of America, JoAnne loves Porsches personally. She has won multiple concourse awards with her 944, including a second place at the Nationals, before she decided to throw in the spotless towel and 500 q-tips used on her car before each show. She and husband Bob, well-known in the custom modeling world for his one-of-a-kind Porsche models, maintain and drive a 356 and a 911.

JoAnne is also quite an accomplished needle pointer. As one might expect, the image of a Porsche frequently takes shape in her dexterous digits and she has won several awards for her needlepoint creations.

It seems almost inevitable that someone with such a passion for Porsches, together with skills that were sorely needed by the team and the shop (JoAnne was Manager of Wilmington Instruments, a hard-charging company with which she invested twelve years), would find her way to Reiser Callas. The fact that she happened to have an infectiously upbeat disposition together with a tenacious will to get the job done is a rare gift.

Close up material courtesy of Jack Criswell.

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